Can You Microwave A Chipotle Bowl?

Can you microwave a Chipotle bowl? Are they safe? You can throw it into the microwave but it depends. In any case, it’s microwavable without the aluminum lid. 

Sometimes a chipotle bowl can be more than your fill, and eventually, end up with leftovers. Instead of throwing it away, you can store the leftovers in your fridge to later snack on it.

If you have a microwave, chances are that you’ll reheat it as it is much faster this way. 

The fact that it is a paper bowl doesn’t make it automatically safe to microwave food. 

Can You Microwave A Chipotle Bowl?

The Chipotle bowl is microwavable without the aluminum lid. 

Putting Chipotle Bowl in Microwave

The Chipotle packaging does not include labels for microwave safety tips and use. However, the disposable Chipotle bowl does contain hazardous chemicals that may leach into your food and contaminate it. 

Among the factors that determine whether to reheat your Chipotle takeout bowl in the microwave are:

  • The reheating time that the container can withstand inside the microwave.
  • Whether you will consume the reheated food from the Chipotle container
  • The amount of food that you will reheat.

Microwaving leftover chipotle bowls is easy and fast. However, there are health concerns that you can avoid by transferring the contents to a ceramic dish for microwaving. 

Though it is less convenient and even arduous, it will keep you safe and rid your mind of health-related troubles. 

How to Reheat Chipotle Bowl in the Microwave

The vast majority reheat their Chipotle bowls with little regard to safety as no health issues ever arise. remember not to include the aluminum foil lid in the microwave. 

Compostable papers that make up the Chipotle bowls are not marked unsafe; hence you can safely microwave. 

Equally, the chipotle bowls are marked unsafe for microwaves, which drives consumers to a dilemma. To be on the safe side, consider transferring the contents into a microwave-safe dish

In addition, it helps to observe USDA-approved temperature guidelines when storing leftover foods. Keeping food fresh for long allows little room for unhealthy food handling.

Despite the many ways to reheat food in a Chipotle bowl, the microwave method is fast and easy.  We’ve procedures that you can follow to ensure you get optimum results. 

  • Remove food contents like guacamole, sour cream, and lettuce. These ingredients tend to heat up much faster and release excess moisture, making other food contents soggy. 
  • Use a microwave-safe plate to heat the other ingredients. Cover with a lid and reheat using medium heat for about 60 seconds.  
  • Stir and rotate the top and bottom layers for food to heat up evenly. Consider adjusting the heat levels to 15-second increments until the food reaches a temperature of 75°C or 164°F. Check the USDA guidelines for safety procedures.
  • Regularly check the temperature to ensure the food is warm enough. If not, heat further for 15-second intervals as much as is necessary until it gets warm. 
  • Now add the guacamole, sour cream, and lettuce toppings to enjoy your meal. 

How Safe are Chipotle Bowls?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, FDA approves Chipotle bowls because they’re compliant with the highest levels and strict observance of the safety rules. 

Chipotle bowls hold food due to the plastic or wax lining. Researchers believe that wax contains traces of fluorine. 

These are poly-fluoroalkyl substances that are non-biodegradable and whose main function is to bring greasy substances into the container. 

Exposure to PFA compounds is associated with numerous health concerns that include hormone disruption, cancer, and other development issues. 

Other common examples of PFAS are microwave popcorn bags and fast-food wrappers.

While Chipotle makes their bowls from environmentally-friendly items, it is not an invitation to microwave food in them. 

The presence of harmful contaminants is too great to overlook, and this can potentially cause health unwarranted health risks. 

The fibers from the container can leach into your food as you microwave, especially at high heat levels. 

What Should I Know When Microwaving a Chipotle Bowl?

The bowls come from plant and compostable materials. Nonetheless, there can be cross-contamination of items turning the food hazardous for consumption.

You can transfer the leftover food into a microwave-safe dish before starting the reheating process. 

If you still prefer microwaving the Chipotle bowl, here is the list of things you should avoid. 

  • Never leave the Chipotle bowl at room temperature for over two hours. Safe food handling entails storing it in a fridge and consuming it within three days.  
  • Before microwaving a container, conduct due diligence to know if it’s safe. 
  • The lid of a Chipotle bowl is made of aluminum. Never include it in the microwave when reheating your food. It can ignite a fire inside your microwave. 
  • The food can sometimes splatter if it doesn’t have a lid. To prevent this, use a paper towel, microwave cover, or microwave-safe wax paper.
  • Never reheat ingredients like vegetable toppings, guacamole, and sour cream. Instead, remove and later add them after the reheating process is complete. 

Types of Chipotle Bowls 

Before microwaving food in any plastic container, you need to know all the information about their creation. Some containers have plastics, while others have metals such as the chipotle bowl lids. 

Unless Chipotle states that it is safe to microwave food using the containers, you should never assume otherwise.   

When the plastic melts, it leaches hazardous contaminants into your food. These chemicals can also damage your microwave, leaving it with a pungent plastic smell. 

In the case of aluminum foils, there are instances when you can microwave them. Though not recommended, never microwave aluminum foil more than once. As the material crinkles, it can easily ignite. 

Are Chipotle Bowls Safe to Compost?

The manufacturers of such bowls advocate for the safe compost of their products. Despite that, the research from other sources deems Chipotle bowls to contain wax and plastic deposits. 

Chipotle bowls have no relatable half-life. What this means is that if a product is non-biodegradable, it won’t decompose easily. It will always float around the environment and eventually find its way into our oceans. 


Those who use Chipotle bowls in their microwave without any reservations are safe to continue doing so. Notably, it would be best to take all the necessary precautions to ensure you do so in the right way.

The best option is to transfer food contents into a microwave-safe glass or ceramic dish. Heat it to a temperature not exceeding 75°C

Before you start microwaving, check the bottom of your Chipotle bowl for safety microwaving tips. If the label says it is “microwave safe”, it has been tested and safe to microwave. 

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