Can You Microwave Alcohol?

Can you microwave alcohol? Is it safe to microwave alcohol or not? worry not. I will clear your doubts.

I am a lover of chilled vodkas but last winter was too cold. Several ideas to make me stick to my bottle came to my mind, including microwaving it. 

The idea failed me big time though. I had to get alternative solutions.

This article provides accurate answers, well thought of explanations and possible alternatives to alcohol microwaving. Read to the end. 

Can You Put Alcohol In The Microwave?

Anything alcohol should never see the door of a microwave. There is no microwave safe kind of alcohol whether for human consumption or for medical use.

Alcohol literally boils at room temperature. It will definitely evaporate if you expose it to microwave heat.

Ethanol evaporates at a relatively higher temperature though it’s also not safe for microwave use.

It is perfect to microwave alcohol that has already simmered in a dish. However,  the final  taste of the food might not be appealing.

Is It Safe To Microwave Alcohol?

It is not safe to microwave alcohol. Alcohol is scientifically a volatile substance hence risky for use in the microwave.

All alcohols contain weak chemical compounds called hydrocarbons. The hydrocarbons are fragile when heated and release energy.

The energy released tends to fill up the microwave space and explode. Alcohol is therefore deemed combustible and is likely to cause fire if microwaved.

Carbonated alcohol will in worst cases cause an explosion when heated.

What Happens When You Microwave Alcohol? What Makes Microwaving Alcohol Dangerous?

Microwaving alcohol is not just dangerous but also messy. Heated alcohol boils uncontrollably and spills over.

The hot spillover can cause terrible burns. Be careful.

The microwaves from the oven will most likely cause an explosion which will blow up your microwave. Are you planning for double loss?

As if the messy spill over from boiling is not enough, the alcohol might leave a lasting foul smell in your microwave.

In worst case scenarios, you might not see the sparks and explosions but the leaked fumes can fill up the room and cause fatalities.

It’s not possible to predict the magnitude of fire or explosion that would result from microwaving alcohol. But you should expect a crazy explosion especially if the alcohol is in a confined bottle.

Microwaving alcohol also alters its original flavor leaving it bitter and flat.

Why Would You Opt To Microwave Alcohol?

Alcohol has become a popular ingredient in most trending recipes. Some recipes require liquids for preparation. 

In other cases, people will need to warm leftover food in the microwave.

This is the main reason why many people are curious about alcohol microwaving safety.

Well, alcohol that has already been added in food is not as flammable as pure alcohol. This makes it safe to microwave food with some alcohol content.

However, do not warm the food for long because the alcohol will evaporate and leave the food with a regrettable taste.

Only naughty veteran drunkards will insist on warm pure consumable alcohol to perfect its taste and reduce hangovers.

Others say that warm pure alcohol gets you drunk faster thus makes you take moderate amounts.

Safety Tips for Microwaving Alcohol

I do not recommend heating your alcohol in the microwave but if you insist, observe the following safety tips.

  1. Use an appropriate mug or jar

Always use a microwave safe mug. Never microwave alcohol in its original packaging bottle because they are sealed.

The microwave safe mug must also possess reasonable walls, neither thick nor thin. Thick walls will take long to warm while thin walls might collapse in the microwave.

It must also have an allowance for boiling to avoid spillage.

  1. Remove lids covering the containers you use in the microwave

Do not seal or cover the microwaving mug. Covering the mug can cause pressure build up resulting in an explosion.

Some lids are poor conductors of heat hence might not allow the microwave heat to get to the content.

  1. Observe the heating time

Remember alcohol starts evaporating at room temperature. Heat it for long and you will just have an empty mug.

Overheating food that has alcohol leaves tasteless. Warm it for the shortest time possible to retain the flavor.

Do not heat your alcohol for long; one minute is enough. Heat it at intervals.

  1. Add water to your alcohol

Hot or warm water warms the alcohol thus reducing the microwave time. This in return reduces the rate of evaporation. 

Pure alcohol evaporates when heated leaving odors in the microwave.

Other safety measures to keep in check include:

You have to ensure proper ventilation since heated alcohol emits toxic fumes.

In case the microwaved alcohol boils and spills over, refrain from touching it. You will suffer serious burns.

If you want to microwave your brandy or vodka, you have to transfer it to an open container. Sealed bottles explode when microwaved.

Never microwave pure alcohol; always add some water.

Which Are The Available Alternatives Of Microwaving Alcohol?

You don’t have to risk putting alcohol in the microwave. There are other proven options to warm your favorite brandy.

You can opt to soak your cold alcohol bottle in warm water and leave it for some time.

You can also wrap the bottle using an electric blanket or a warm towel.

You can also opt to add warm water or juice into your alcohol glass.

You must be spoilt of choice therefore keep pure alcohol out of that microwave.

You can also warm that sumptuous dish over an open stove to maintain the alcohol flavor in it. Warming food on a pan over low heat ensures it warms up evenly.

Final Thoughts

It is risky and dangerous to microwave all types of alcohol.

You are advised to consider alternative solutions to heat pure alcohol like dipping the bottle in hot water or adding warm water into your alcohol glass. 

However, microwaving food prepared with alcohol as an ingredient is safe. You just have to heat for a short time.

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