Can You Microwave Melamine?

Most plastic kitchenware items contain melamine. Melamine is a plastic substance in most plastic-based dishes, which you can hardly take note of.

Melamine is a chemical that blends with formaldehyde to form a durable resin that creates dry-erase boards and plates.

Melamine plates are very popular in dinnerware. But can you microwave melamine?

Let’s walk through tips about melamine to find out if it can go into the microwave.

Is it Safe to Microwave Melamine?

No. It is not safe to microwave melamine because it is not made to be used in the microwave. Melamine is best for dinner practices like serving food and drinks.

Melamine plates don’t have the microwave-safe sign. And it’s risky to nuke such materials that aren’t labeled microwave-safe in the microwave.

According to the FDA, you should not microwave food and drinks in melamine tableware because that may lead to kidney stones and even death.

Melamine poisoning may pose the following signs:

  • Blood in urine.
  • Irritability.
  • Signs of kidney infection.
  • Little or no urine.
  • Signs of high blood pressure.

You don’t want to face any of these health complications. So you should avoid microwaving melamine at all costs.

It’s possible to feel the pressure to reheat food in melamine plates and dishes. Even if you’re tempted to reheat food on a melamine plate, you should knock out the temptation and find a plate that is marked as microwave-safe. 

Always remember that melamine is only safe to store and serve food and drinks. So they’re useful for serving after microwaving food and drinks on other microwavable dishes.

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Melamine Alternatives that are Safe in the Microwave

There are several alternatives when it comes to microwaving your food. So you shouldn’t trouble yourself on what to use instead of a melamine plate or dish.

Checking for a microwave-safe label is the general criterion to find out the safety of plates in the microwave.

Microwavable kitchenware contains the labels on their surfaces, which can be in the actual “microwave-safe” writing, or the form of any of the following signs:

  • A dish/plate picture with lightning signs at the top.
  • A picture of a microwave with wavy signs on it.
  • #5 symbols.

You’ll find that several of the following kitchenware items contain that microwave-safe symbol, meaning they’re safe to use in the microwave:

Glass and ceramic containers are the safest kitchenware to use in the microwave. Stoneware is also ideal for microwaving food and drinks.

But always check the microwave-safe symbol before nuking any of these containers.

After reheating your food and drinks in the microwavable containers, you can proceed to serve from your melamine dinnerware. 

Different Types of Melamine Dinnerware

Melamine has a wide range of uses. It is a key material in the manufacture of industrial plastics and many plastic kitchenware.

Melamine products include the following:

  • Cooking utensils.
  • Plates and dishes.
  • Paper products.
  • Paperboard.

Dinnerware melamine is secure to use in packaging and serving of food and drinks. But melamine isn’t FDA-approved for direct addition to these contents.

Melamine dinnerware is lightweight and durable. Being lightweight allows you to carry large large serving trays, serve faster, and avoid straining in the kitchen.

You can find melamine tableware in an array of colors, styles, and models. These features make melamine aesthetically versatile and perfect in many settings.

Additionally, you can find melamine in many forms. The following are some common types of melamine tableware:

  • Bowls.
  • Display trays.
  • Saucers.
  • Fry cones.
  • Ramekins.
  • Chopsticks.
  • Plates.

Although these types of tableware aren’t safe to use in the microwave, they’re ideal for serving and storing food and drinks.

Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Your Melamine Dinnerware

Caring for your melamine dinnerware will ensure you enjoy eating and serving in those elegant and lightweight containers for a long duration. Some of the safety tips to observe when using melamine dinnerware include:

  1. Keep your melamine products away from serrated knives.
  2. Never nuke your melamine dinnerware in an oven.
  3. Never use your melamine dishes or plates in a microwave.
  4. Never use chlorine bleach on your melamine products.
  5. Never clean your melamine dinnerware using harsh abrasive cleaners, steel wool, or metal scouring pads.
  6. Always use a high-quality pre-soak dishwashing detergent before tossing your melamine into the dishwasher.
  7. Always use a light-duty white scrubbing pad to wash your melamine safely.

What are the Benefits of Melamine Dinnerware?

Melamine dinnerware is made to give your kitchen elegance and stop you from straining in the kitchen. These items are incredibly lightweight and eye-catching.

Apart from the outlook and lightweight, melamine products have many benefits, which include:

  • Pocket-friendly. Melamine is cheaper than most dinnerware products made of glass and ceramic.
  • FDA-Approved. Melamine is FDA-approved for serving and storing foods and drinks.
  • An elegant match for other materials. Melamine products are mimicked to resemble glass, stoneware, or wood products.
  • Durable. Melamine is safe from easy chipping, scratching, or breaking. This saves on replacement costs.
  • Lightweight. Melamine is lightweight, preventing you from straining easily by carrying food in the kitchen.
  • Heat resistant. Melamine doesn’t absorb heat from foods and drinks, protecting you from hand burns when holding hot foodstuffs.
  • Dishwasher safe. It’s easy to clean melamine by simply using your dishwasher. This ensures you kill germs and attend to other activities faster after a quick clean-up. 
  • Eco-friendly. Melamine allows you to select from a wide variety of sustainable choices.
  • Versatile designs. Melamine allows you to choose from an array of colors, shapes, styles, and designs to change the outlook of your kitchen.

Usage flexibility. Melamine products are ideal to use in different settings, thanks to their durability. You can use them in your patio, kitchen, and even along the poolside bar.

Bottom Line

Melamine is a popular plastic in most kitchen settings. Despite its usefulness in holding and serving food, melamine isn’t safe to use in the microwave.

Nuking melamine in your microwave can cause severe health complications to your kidneys and even death.

Provided you avoid using it in the microwave, melamine can be of great use in your storage and serving needs.

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