Can You Microwave Pizza?

Who doesn’t love pizza? Most people are drawn to any diet that is sweet, fatty, rich, and complex. Yes, pizza has it all. It’s easy and simple to make pizza – only a couple of minutes to get it ready for you and your kids.

As a staple food, you’ll find it in almost every household. So, can you microwave pizza?

The simple answer is yes. You can absolutely microwave frozen pizza. It’s possible to reheat day-old pizza so that it tastes fresh. Although this is the preferred way for most people, keep in mind that it will get soggy and won’t be as crispy as before.

 In our post today, we will discuss how to get better results without ruining your pizza. 

Why Do People Prefer Using a Microwave to Cook Pizza?

  • A microwave takes the shortest time to cook. Sometimes what you need is a meal that cooks quickly. In about 8 minutes, your pizza is ready.
  • When cooking pizza fresh, most of your utensils will definitely become dirty. This could be the easiest way to ease the cleaning task of your dishes.

How Do You Prepare Frozen Pizza?

Before anything else, consider the type of frozen pizza you want to use. They come in different crusts for instance thin crust, brick oven crust, and pan crust, just to name a few. 

The brand will determine how well the pizza will cook so be keen when choosing. 

You can get it with all the ingredients and in some cases, you may have to add extra ingredients to make it more pizza-like.

A microwave might not brown the pizza before you begin cooking. If you like it that way, you can use pizza stones in a microwave or a frying pan to get the golden brown color.

Pizza should remain frozen before it’s cooked. It should go to the oven directly from the freezer. In case you’re wondering about the watery mess, it doesn’t cause one as it cooks. 

Keeping pizza frozen gives it a fresh taste, which is yummy. It also ensures the right texture to it when cooked.

The frozen pizza you buy has a small cardboard pan at the bottom that you can use in the oven when cooking. However, using the cardboard might deter the pizza from cooking evenly and properly, for instance, the corrugated cardboard. 

Always check the cardboard the pizza comes with and if you decide to use your own makeshift cardboard baking sheet, choose it carefully.

Step-by-Step Guide

Before you begin cooking, you should preheat the microwave and make sure you set the time and temperatures as per the instructions. If you’re cooking more than one pizza, increase the cooking time to ensure everything cooks properly.

If you don’t have an oven, you can consider using the dual cooking method.  Microwave pizza until the cheese starts to melt.  Then put it in a skillet that’s a little deep, put some oil, and fry it using a stove.

Repeat this process twice. This makes the bottom of the pizza crispy with a bubbly, hot sauce and cheese top.

In about 7- 10 minutes, the pizza should be ready. If the cheese is stretchy and crispy at the top, then your pizza is ready for serving. 

What Should You Do To Get a Crispy Crust?

Cooking pizza in a microwave gives it a doughy crust but if you like your crust crispy, ensure you’ve got a microwave-safe object where you can set pizza. This raises the pizza a little so that the steam can escape easily.

Another option could be a crisper pan. The pan gives your pizza a brown color and makes the crust crispier. This method is considered best for crispy crusts.

Here are recommended times for cooking different sizes of pizza;

  • Pizza slice-1-2 minutes
  • Mini pizza pack- 3-5 minutes
  • French bread pizza-7-8 minutes
  • 8-9 inch pizza-4-6 minutes
  • 10-11 inch pizza- 5-7 minutes
  • 11-12 inch pizza- 7-11 minutes

As much as microwaving a frozen pizza is safe, there are a few things to avoid;

  • Don’t use Pizza stones in the microwave since it might not work
  • You shouldn’t use aluminum foils in the microwave as it can easily spark or cause fire
  • Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer
  • If anything is labeled “not for use in the microwave”, then you shouldn’t use it

Things to keep in mind about Frozen Pizza in a microwave

Pizza is delightful. It’s safe to microwave frozen pizza when needed, but you need to be aware of some things to avoid making it soggy. As well, this will improve the overall outcome.

  • Don’t use aluminum foils in a microwave as it can spark a fire, causing potential damage to your appliance.
  • Avoid using a pizza stone in your microwave oven. It will hardly work.
  • Ditch everything labeled “not for use in a microwave.”
  • Always follow the cooking instructions given when dealing with frozen pizza.
  • Follow recommendations provided by the manufacturer regarding a microwave.
  • Opt for a microwave crisper pan as an alternative. It delivers a golden brown crunchy crust.

Although you might have a microwave that helps whip up your frozen pizza, a countertop pizza maker or toast oven is miles better to serve the purpose.

These appliances are cheaply prized and will produce much better results. Simply put, crispy crust.

Final Thoughts

If frozen pizza is a regular dish for you and you only own a microwave, you might think of purchasing a toaster or even a pizza maker. 

These appliances are unbelievably inexpensive. They can cook way better than a microwaves.

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