Microwave Tips

How To Reheat Tri Tip (Best Ways)

Here at Smart Meat Joint, we love trying out different recipes. Our 10-year journey has allowed us to experiment with various tri-tip reheating methods. We have witnessed different results with every method, and the experience has informed this short write-up. Can it go in a microwave much like Pizza Hut pizza or sausages or fried eggs? 

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How to Cook Frozen Bacon?

Frozen bacon is a convenient option for those who want to save time in the kitchen. It is bacon that has been frozen at a temperature of 0°F or below.  Knowing how to cook frozen bacon is vital for those who want to enjoy crispy and delicious bacon without having to wait for it to

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How to Microwave Dumplings

Dumplings are versatile and experienced chefs use different fillings (cheese, meat, shrimp, or vegetables) based on the cuisine. People have embraced cooking dumplings in the microwave besides steaming and pan-frying them. Microwaving dumplings is easy, fast, and efficient. Read through our guide and learn how to microwave dumplings. How to Microwave Dumplings Steaming and pan

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