How to Cook Kale in a Microwave 

Microwaving kale or vegetables is a quick way to prepare this nutrient-packed leafy green. 

With its rich flavor and numerous health benefits, kale has gained immense popularity lately. 

If you’re looking for a faster method, using a microwave can be a game-changer. 

In this article, I will take you through the steps on how to cook kale in a microwave. 

Can You Microwave Kale?

Yes, you can microwave kale. Cooking kale in the microwave is a great option if you are short on time. 

All you need is to follow the steps and you’ll have perfectly cooked kale. 

Is It Safe To Microwave Kale?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to microwave kale. Kale is one of the vegetables that are better cooked in the microwave.

This is because microwaves preserve nutrients compared to other methods of cooking.

However, you need some tips to make sure your kale is cooked properly in the microwave.

How Long Do You Microwave Kale?

Cooking kale in the microwave is an easy process. In general, it will take about two minutes to cook two cups of kale in the microwave.

The power of your microwave and the amount of kale you are cooking are also to consider. It is advisable to start with less time and increase it as needed.

This prevents kale from being overcooked or dry. 

How to Cook Kale in a Microwave 

Now that you know kale is microwavable there are steps you need, to do it the right way.

These steps are:

  • Wash your kale.

As with all leafy greens, it’s important to start with clean kale. Be sure to wash it thoroughly under cold running water. 

This is to make sure you wash all the dirt off the kale.

  • Remove the tough stems.

Kales have stems that are chewy and tough, it is best to remove them before cooking. You can do this by hand or cut the leaves away from the stem with a knife.

  • Chop the kale into small-sized pieces.

After removing the tough stems, chop the kale into small pieces. This will help them cook evenly in the microwave.

  • Place the kale on a microwave-safe plate.

Make sure you use a microwave-safe plate like the Mora Ceramic Dinner Plate. This helps to avoid any accidents. 

  • Microwave for two minutes.

Cook the kale on high for two minutes. This varies depending on the power of your microwave, to avoid overcooking start with less time.

  • Carefully remove it from the microwave.
  • Drain and serve.

If there is any water remaining in the plate, drain it before serving.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need to add water when microwaving kale?

No, you do not need to add water when microwaving kale. The moisture within the leaves is sufficient for the cooking process. 

However, if you prefer a softer texture or want to steam the kale, you can add a small amount of water to the bowl before microwaving. 

Be cautious not to add too much water, as it may dilute the flavor and make the kale soggy.

Can I microwave kale without removing the stems?

Yes, you can microwave kale without removing the stems. While some people prefer to remove the tough stems before cooking, leaving them intact is perfectly acceptable. 

The stems will become tender during the microwaving process, but they may retain a slightly chewy texture. 

If you prefer a more delicate texture, remove the stems before cooking.

Should I season the kale before microwaving it?

It’s best to season the kale after microwaving rather than before. Seasoning the kale before cooking may cause the spices or salt to burn. 

Instead, once the kale is cooked, remove it from the microwave, give it a gentle stir, and then add your desired seasonings, such as salt, pepper, garlic powder, or lemon juice. 

Can I use microwaved kale in various dishes?

Absolutely! Microwaved kale can be a versatile ingredient in many dishes. 

You can add it to salads, stir-fries, pasta dishes, and omelets, or even use it as a topping for pizzas and sandwiches.

Microwaving helps preserve the vibrant green color and nutritional value of kale, making it an excellent addition to any meal.

Are there any health benefits of microwaving kale?

Microwaving kale retains more nutrients compared to other cooking methods like boiling, as it reduces the cooking time and minimizes nutrient loss. 

Kale is packed with vitamins A, C, and K, as well as fiber, calcium, and antioxidants. By microwaving kale, you can enjoy these health benefits while also preserving its vibrant color and crispness.