How To Reheat Tri Tip (Best Ways)

Here at Smart Meat Joint, we love trying out different recipes. Our 10 years journey has allowed us to experiment with various tri-tip reheating methods.

We have witnessed different results with every method, and the experience has informed this short write-up. Can it go in a microwave much like pizza hut pizza or sausages or fried eggs

If you have a cold tri-tip that you wish to serve with your favorite pasta, read through our detailed article to learn the best ways to reheat tri tip and the safety tips to keep in check.

Best Way to Reheat Tri Tip

Your tri-tip storage conditions will determine the approach you choose to reheat it. Are you tri-tip frozen, refrigerated, or at room temperature?

Safe handling and reheating of tri-tip steak optimize its safety.

Proper reheating keeps your tri-tip juicy for your mouth-watering microwaved pasta.

You can choose any of the following methods to reheat cold tri-tip depending on your preference, equipment, and time available:

  • Oven method
  • Sous vide method
  • Using a microwave
  • Grill method
  • Reheating over a stovetop
  • Using an air fryer
  • Using a slow cooker
  • Wet bread method

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How To Reheat Tri-Tip in the Oven (Best Way to Reheat Tri-Tip)

Reheating a cold tri-tip in the oven is the most effective of the methods available. It leaves the steak juicy and evenly heated.

The method preserves all the nutrients, flavor and taste of your meaty steak.

Here is a step-by-step guide for reheating tri-tip in the oven:        

  • Preheat your oven to 250℉.
  • Defrost the tri-tip steak if it is frozen. Leaving it in the refrigerator overnight is the best way to thaw frozen steak, but you can use a microwave if you are short of time.
  • Unwrap your tri-tip steak from the storage bag and wrap it with a double layer of aluminum foil.
  • You can splash a liquid of your choice (water, BBQ sauce or meat broth) to keep it moist.
  • Place your tri-tip on the middle rack of the oven.
  • Place a baking pan with warm water on the lower rack of the oven, just below your steak. The steam keeps the steak moist and also speeds up the heating.
  • Marinating the tip cut overnight leaves it tender and juicy.
  • Heat your tri-tip for 20 minutes or until hot as desired.   
  • You can use a kitchen thermometer to ensure your tri-tip piece attains the recommended safe internal temperature of 165℉.

How To Sous Vide a Cold Tri Tip Cut

Reheating tri-tip using the sous vide method guarantees great results, provided you have the right equipment and ample time.

The Sous vide method entails sealing a tri-tip cut in a vacuum-seal bag and submerging it in hot water until it’s reheated.

The method involves low heat, preserving nutrients and keeping food safe from burning.

Here are the steps to sous vide tri-tip cuts:

  • Put your tri-tip in a vacuum-seal food bag.
  • Use your hands to remove air from the resealable bag.  
  • Put water in a crockpot and place it on a stove.
  • Insert the sealed food bag into the water-filled cookpot.
  • Let the water heat for 40-50 minutes. Maintain the water temperature at 130℉.
  • Remove, unseal the bag and serve the hot tri-tip with your pasta.

How To Reheat Tri Tip in the Microwave

Reheating the tri-tip in the microwave is the fastest method on the list.

Microwaving cold tri-tip requires great caution; otherwise, it alters its taste and leaves it dry.

Here are the simple safety tips for microwaving tri-tip:

  • Wrap your cold tri tip in an oven bag to retain moisture and flavor.
  • You can also lay it on a wet bread bed. Hot moisture from the wet bread penetrates through it, speeding up the heating process.
  • Add a splash of a preferred liquid in the oven bag before sealing it to prevent your tri-tip from drying.
  • Turn the microwave power button on the low setting. Low heat keeps your steak moist and safe from burning.
  • Flip the oven bag with the tri-tip at intervals to allow even heating and burning of one side of your tri-tip.
  • You can use a kitchen thermometer to monitor the internal temperature of your meat to avoid denaturing the available proteins. High microwave heat kills nutrients.

How To Reheat Tri Tip on a Grill

Grilling a cold tri-tip on indirect heat gives incredible results, but the direct flame is likely to burn it into ashes.

Follow these tips when grilling a tri-tip cut and witness the best results:

  • Marinate your tri-tip overnight to make it tender and juicy.
  • Warp your marinated tri-tip with a double layer of aluminum foil to trap moisture and flavors.
  • The Grill method is slow, but the aluminum foil traps in heat that speeds up the process.
  • You can cut a piece of the meat to check its doneness.
  • Unwrap and serve if ready.

How To Reheat Tri Tip in an Air Fryer       

Reheating the tri-tip in an air fryer is fast and preserves the moisture content.

Here are the simple steps you will follow:

  • Put your tri-tip cut in an air fryer
  • Set your appliance to 370℉
  • Heat at 3-minute intervals to monitor the process.
  • Use a kitchen thermometer to check the internal temperature of the cut. It should be between 110-130℉.
  • Remove the cut and serve it with your desired accompaniment.

How To Reheat Tri Tip in a Slow Cooker

As the name suggests, this is a slow method to reheat a cold tri-tip. It is a slow but sure method since it leaves your steak as juicy as you would always want.

Here are the simple steps to follow:

  • Put the tri-tip in a slow cooker.
  • Add a liquid (water, sauce, or broth)
  • Put the cooker in a warm setting.
  • Give your tri-tip 2-4 hours to attain the recommended internal temperature of 165℉.

Safety Tips for Reheating Tri Tip

Remember to observe the following tips if you want to enjoy a moist tri-tip steak:

  • Reheat your tri-tip whole (uncut or unsliced). Sliced tri-tip cuts tend to dry up faster.
  • Wrap your cuts with a double layer of foil when using the oven method to trap in juices and heat.
  • Smear BBQ sauce or splash a liquid of your choice when reheating a cold cut to keep it moist.
  • Whichever method you choose to reheat your tri-tip, ensure it attains a safe internal temperature (165℉).
  • Use a kitchen temperature to check the temperature.
  • Frozen tri-tips must be thawed and brought to room temperature before you embark on reheating.
  • Thawing allows even heating and eliminates unevenly heated spots.
  • Frozen tri-tips also tend to dry up faster if reheated without thawing.
  • Don’t reheat tri-tips severally. It alters the taste, flavor and available nutrients.

Best Tips To Keep Tri Tips Moist (Juicy) When Reheating

You must remember these tips when you reheat leftover tri-tip:

  • Marinate your tri-tip cut overnight to make it tender and moist.
  • Store your tri-tip intact and still reheat it whole.
  • Wrap your cut with a double-layer aluminum foil and add some broth to keep it moist.
  • Reheat under low heat. High oven or microwave heat causes the cut to dry on the outside .It also causes uneven heating.
  • Proper storage conditions also help to retain tri-tip moisture.
  • Adding beef broth, BBQ sauce, gravy, or even water ensures you get a juicy tri-tip steak.


How To Eat Leftover Tri Tip

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to tri-tip recipes.

You can serve tri-tip as follows:

  • Shred leftover tri-tip in BBQ sauce and fill it with any pasta.
  • Dice it up and lay it on lettuce as a filling for your favorite sandwich.
  • You can also use a tri-tip as a substitute for any meat dish.

How To Store Tri Tip Safely

How you store leftover steak determines its consistency after reheating.

Properly stored meat is tender, while poorly stored meat is tough when reheated.

Below are the safe storage tips for a juicy, flavorful tri-tip:

  • Choose an air-tight wrapping technique because the air tends to make the meat dry. A vacuum-seal bag retains the juices and keeps the air away.
  • Freezer papers and Ziploc bags are also great alternatives.
  • You must also keep the meat intact because sliced or cut tri-tips tend to dry up faster.
  • Wrap the tri-tip pieces individually, and don’t overstock them in the freezer.
  • Ensure enough air circulation in the fridge to keep your steak fresh.
  • Refrigerate leftover steak within two hours and one hour during summer.
  • You can only store leftover steak in the refrigerator for three days. If you want it to last longer, put it in the freezer.
  • Frozen tri-tip must be thawed and allowed to reach room temperature before reheating.

To Wrap It Up

The method you choose to reheat a cold tri-tip determines the results you get.

Reheating tri-tip cuts in an oven is the best method to warm them. It preserves its taste, flavor, and moisture.

Other methods for reheating tri-tip include using a microwave, stovetop, air fryer, or the sous vide method.

Proper storage and handling of tri-tips also influence the reheating outcome.

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