Can You Microwave Tupperware?

Tupperware is a common storage and serving container. But kitchen needs extend beyond these two to cooking and reheating.

So, can you microwave Tupperware?

Many people are caught between answering this question and risking the microwaving process. But it’s never a bright idea to carry on with a procedure you’re unsure of its results.

To avoid making that mess, kindly read on to uncover essential tips on microwaving Tupperware.

Is Tupperware Microwave-Safe?

Tupperware containers are microwave-safe. They’re safe to use for food reheating purposes without fear of leaching chemicals into your food.

But before tossing the container into your microwave, you must check for a “microwave-safe” symbol on the container.

A set of guidelines also come with the product to guide you in microwaving the container. For an even better microwaving experience, please follow the following general guidelines:

  •  Only microwave Tupperware that contains a specific “microwave-safe” label.
  •  Do not microwave Tupperware with metal trim or decoration.
  •  Do not put Tupperware directly on the heating element of the microwave oven.
  •  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for reheating food in specific Tupperware containers.
  •  Allow hot food to cool slightly before eating from a Tupperware container.

Tupperware products are an excellent selection for your storage and reheating needs in the kitchen using a microwave. They’re safe, durable, and easy to use.

They serve your needs perfectly, particularly when you follow the general guidelines above to the letter. Observe the instructions to avoid damaging your container or leaching chemicals into your food.

More Tips on Microwaving Tupperware:

  • Always look for the “microwave-safe” label before proceeding to microwave food. Not all Tupperware can go into the microwave. Some can even leach chemicals into your food if you use them in the microwave.
  • Avoid using old or scratched Tupperware because it may release chemicals into your food.
  • Do not microwave food in a Tupperware dish for too long. Despite bearing a “microwave-safe” symbol, Tupperware can release chemicals into your food if you overheat it.

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Are All Tupperware Products Microwave-Safe?

Not all Tupperware products can go into the microwave. The make of some products renders them entirely unsafe for heat in the microwave, lest they cause sparks or fire risks.

When you think of cooking or reheating food in the microwave, keep away from any Tupperware product containing metal or certain types of plastics that aren’t labeled “microwave-safe.”

Specific containers like the basic ones you use for storage aren’t meant for microwaving purposes. Other products, such as the Microwave Reheatable Smart Set have special instructions for use in the microwave.

The surest way to find out whether you can microwave Tupperware products is by checking at the bottom of the item for a symbol that looks like a microwave oven with wavy lines above it. Some may contain a “microwave-safe” note on the surface.

Once you come across such a symbol, you can use that Tupperware container in the microwave with no problems. But you may find it missing in some products.

If such happens, and you’re unsure whether your Tupperware dish is microwave-safe, it’s always better to err on the side of caution and avoid throwing it into the microwave.

On the contrary, you may be lucky to find the symbol. But don’t just toss the product in the microwave without observing the given instructions just because it’s marked “microwave-safe.”

When microwaving Tupperware products, you should always stick to the guidelines given about microwaving the product to avoid messing up!

Some of the possible mess if you don’t comply with the instructions for microwaving a specific Tupperware product could be as gross as causing the plastic to melt in your appliance. You could also get burned while trying to get the container out of the appliance.

So always observe specific instructions when microwaving any microwave-safe Tupperware product.

How Do You Microwave Food in Tupperware Containers?

Reheating food in the microwave with your Tupperware container is one of the best and fastest ways to prepare your meal. Tupperware microwave-safe containers are an excellent choice for reheating food in your microwave conveniently.

First, confirm that your container has a microwave-safe label before getting it into your microwave.

It is even more important to follow the rules when microwaving food in a Tupperware container. Implementing the following steps ensures your Tupperware lasts long and keeps your food from ruin:

  1. Check for a microwave-safe label in your Tupperware container.
  2. If the label is present, proceed with microwaving, but use a glass or ceramic container if the symbol is missing.
  3. While reheating, fatty foods like meat will require heat at high temperatures. Never reheat the entire batch all at a go, but reheat them in small portions for even heat transfer.
  4. A Tupperware container with a vent is an excellent option for microwaving your food.
  5. Microwaving may result in hot and cold patches, affecting food with microorganisms. So stir the food after reheating for a while, then take it back into the microwave, and repeat the process until it reaches your desired temperature.
  6. The ideal temperature for reheating leftover food is 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Microorganisms can’t survive at this temperature, so your food won’t get contaminated.

How Long Can You Microwave Tupperware?

Like many plastics, Tupperware can last in the microwave for over 200 hours. But you must follow specific guidelines to the letter.

By following the manufacturer’s instructions correctly, you should be able to microwave your meal in Tupperware just fine.

The most important detail to remember is that not all Tupperware can go into the microwave. Always check for that microwave-safe symbol before tossing your Tupperware in the microwave.

Can You Microwave Tupperware Lids?

Absolutely yes. You can microwave Tupperware lids, but only when they have a microwave-safe label.

It often feels better to microwave food with covered containers. But not all lids can go into the microwave, considering different material make-up that couldn’t do well in there.

So it’s always safe to check if the lid is microwavable before tossing it in. If the lid is made up of silicon, it’s entirely safe to toss it in the microwave.

Look for the microwave-safe label first to be sure before proceeding.

It is an exciting experience to microwave a Tupperware container with a vent. But with these containers, your food is best reheated with the lid off, failure to which your food can get soggy and cause your broth to dry up.

What Should I Do If My Tupperware isn’t Microwave-safe?

If your Tupperware container doesn’t bear the microwave-safe label, you shouldn’t think of risking it in the microwave. But this doesn’t mean you have to take your Tupperware food while cold because there are many alternative reheating options.

Here are safer alternative options to consider:

Glass Container

The glass container is the best alternative for microwave cooking. But they are non-reactive, a bit hefty, and require you to handle them with caution.

More to that is that they can cost a bit more than plastic containers. But they’re a lot safer and more convenient for the microwave.

Ceramic Container

You can also opt for microwave-safe ceramic containers instead of glass containers. Ceramic containers are more microwave friendly compared to plastic containers.

They’re similar to glass containers in terms of safety. Even better, they’re microwave-passed and are more long-lasting and durable than plastics.

These types of containers give you a great microwaving experience, so you don’t have to worry if your Tupperware isn’t labeled safe for cooking in the microwave.


Is it Safe to Microwave Tupperware Food Containers?

Yes, it is entirely safe to microwave Tupperware food containers. Apart from keeping your food’s texture, flavor, and quality in place, they do perfectly in the microwave. But you should use these containers per the instructions to avoid bypassing the warranty.

Can Tupperware Cause Health Problems?

Yes, Tupperware can cause health problems if you exceedingly use them. Tupperware is made of polycarbonate (plastic #7), a hormone-disrupting material that can cause chemical leaching to your food if you use them repeatedly.

What Exactly Does the Cup and Fork Symbol Mean on Tupperware?

The cup and fork symbol in Tupperware is a symbol for dishwasher safety. The problem is that there is no global dishwasher-safe symbol. But the presence of a cup and fork symbol on Tupperware indicates that the container is safe to use in a dishwasher.

Is Tupperware BPA-Free?

Tupperware gives an assurance that its microwave-safe products do not release chemicals into your food during reheating. Tupperware has strict regulations for the production of microwavable plastic and only permits plastics suitable for food usage.


You can microwave Tupperware just fine if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. But not all Tupperware is microwave-safe.

So, always check for the microwave-safe label before microwaving your Tupperware.

While microwaving, kindly follow the given set of microwaving guidelines in this article to avoid overheating and causing problems.

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