Best Microwave without Turntable

Looking for a microwave without a turntable for some reason? I took more than 30 hours to test the most recent microwaves in the market to figure out the best microwave without turntable.

I’ve also compiled the pros and cons of each appliance to help you choose the best.

How Does A Microwave Without a Turntable Work?

Rumors exist that microwaves without turntables heat food less evenly compared to those with a turntable.

Well, the rumors are not true. Both microwave types consist of a rotating motor that ensures your food heats evenly.

In a microwave containing a turntable, you can physically see the rotating motor as food moves around in circles while cooking.

In a microwave without a turntable, however, the motor is invisible. It is hidden at the bottom of your microwave.

Stirring blades are present, and they ensure waves are distributed evenly, hence no need for a turntable.

Best Microwaves without a Turntable

Sharp R-21LVF Commercial Microwave

Have you been searching for the best brand currently in the market? For sure, Sharp R-21LVF is one of them.

Its interior and exterior wrap is made of stainless steel, which gives it a sleek appearance and also makes it easy to clean.

With an easy-to-read dial control, Sharp makes it easy to set cooking time even for those having vision problems.

It contains an auto-cancel timer that cancels the remaining cooking time once you open the oven door in the cooking process.

Although it lacks a rotating glass turntable, it cooks food evenly.

It gives room to fit different types of containers with different shapes.

Having a powering output of 1000 watts, Sharp ensures all your meals cook faster.

You’ll be impressed by how quiet it is when operating.

It contains the sound on/off mode, enabling you to turn it on and off as you wish. Its control knob is simple, thus making it uncomplicated to use.


  • Easy to operate
  • Quick in both heating and cooking – just less than 10 minutes, and food is ready
  • It has safety features that protect your food from overheating even when you set and forget
  • Solid and compact
  • Can accommodate different shapes of containers


  • Time resets when you open the door

Amana RMS10DS Commercial Microwave

Are you looking for an easy-to-use microwave without a turntable?

Amana RMS10DS is a good oven for those who wish to keep things simple.

You will require a microwave to boost all food services.

You’ll also require a microwave that offers convenience when heating burritos or steaming vegetables.

Its simple dial control allows you set time with less effort. This saves you the confusion that comes with pressing different buttons when making time settings.

This home appliance is durable, reliable, and of high quality.

Its stainless interior and wrap make it match many kitchen styles. Additionally, it makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Despite being compact, it still has enough space to microwave huge quantities of foodstuffs.


  • It contains a dial control. This makes it easy to use
  • It offers convenience as you can microwave a variety of different meals
  • Its stainless interior and outer wrap make it a good match for your kitchen.
  • Constructed with stainless material that is simple to clean and maintain


  • Time resets when you open the door during the cooking process

Panasonic Microwave Oven(NN – SN67KS)

Panasonic microwave offers an extra space that allows you to cook large meals for your whole family.

It accommodates square or rectangular-shaped plates, which nearly all microwaves with a turntable cannot.

I love both its design and beautiful interiors.

The way it fits your kitchen décor will leave you mesmerized.

Professional cooks prefer it because of its simplicity. Its controls are laid out properly.

Having 5 different power levels makes the Panasonic Microwave Oven unit flexible and can be used for different cooking styles.

It has an auto-reheat button which ensures your food is sorted whenever you are tired from working on it.

It contains a child-lock feature which protects it from damage when your children are playing around.

You won’t require an extra oven as this one can carry out different cooking tasks.

Its compact size saves on your kitchen space; thus, it favors those with limited kitchen space.

It is designed to perform a good job of combining convection/grill and microwave.


  • Food heats quickly, unlike when using traditional ovens
  • It’s constructed using stainless steel, which makes it easy to clean, thus saving time
  •  Contains a braille touchpad and hence can be used by people with visual impairment
  • Simple to read and use
  • It’s compact compared to other types, making it fit even in a small kitchen or your countertop.


  • Panasonic microwaves are more expensive


It’s an affordable, easy-to-use item.

BOSCH SERIE is a big advantage to people who aren’t tech-savvy.

If you’re an Airbnb manager or owner, you’ll no longer have to write instructions for all your customers, as this item comes with all you’ve been seeking.

To use it, place your bowl or dish inside and make the required power output settings and timescale.

In addition to its low cost, it is easy to use and has fancied features attached.

Again, its stunning design complements modern kitchens.

It also has a user-friendly rotary control, a left-hand hinged door, and a 60-minute timer.

The five power levels offer you an opportunity to select the ideal mode to prepare your meals.


  • Durability. It’s made of high-quality material
  • Easy and fast to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Compact in size making it fit even in small kitchens


  • Produces noise. Even after the set heating time is over, its fan remains on.

Sharp R-21LCFS Commercial Microwave

The Sharp R-21LCFS microwave is popularly known for its uniqueness.

Compared to other microwaves that come in white boxes or plain silver, this item comes in an attractive black design.

Many prefer the Sharp brand for its rock-solid build quality.

They are used for defrosting food items, cooking, or reheating.

To ensure quality cooking, it uses 120 volts of power, ensuring your food is evenly cooked.

Compared to other microwaves, it is bigger and can accommodate several dishes or bowls at the same time.

It is therefore preferred for use in large restaurants as it can quickly heat up huge food portions.

One of its flaws is that time resets whenever you open the door, even when the cooking still needs to be done.

You may have difficulty recalling how much time was left.

However, the manufacturer saw it important to add bright LED indicators around the timer to help you easily recall the time left.

When cooking is done, the microwave emits beeping sounds.

If you need a microwave that can accommodate large amounts of food, then Sharp R-21LCFS is the one for you.

You can make its knob retract whenever you want to clean it.


  • It is more powerful than most microwaves
  • Contains bright LED indicators around its timer to enable ease of use
  • It is capable of holding several dishes or bowls
  • You can get it at a pocket-friendly cost


  • Time resets when the door is opened

SHARP Black Carousel

One of the things that made me love the Sharp Black Carousel microwave is its beautiful interiors and exterior.

It has a captivating stylish design. Can perfectly fit your kitchen décor.

Packed with a set of different roles, it allows you to cook any kind of meal.

You can use the microwave in various ways, such as warming, cooking, and reheating.

Like an air fryer, it can crisp fry your food using less oil.

It’s a multipurpose microwave. You can use it for baking cakes or even cooking food.

It is safe to use as it protects you from getting burns, unlike when using a stove for cooking.

Chefs confessed that it also has a dough-rising function that is very useful to them.

It continuously beeps once it’s done operating and when the door is opened or closed.

This results from touching some buttons that are usually near the handle.

It also has a self-cleaning property.

COMFEE’ EM720CPL-PMB Countertop Microwave Oven

COMFEE’ EM720CPL-PMB is one of the finest appliances in the kitchen space.

One of its best properties; It can combat high-volume use. This makes it a good alternative to an oven.

You’ll love its easy-to-hold door knob.

Since it lacks a turntable, expect less splashing of food.

Just like some of its competitors, it is easy to clean.

Its bottom energy feed reduces the distance in which the waves travel to your food, hence maximizing the cooking efficacy.

It also ensures food cooks thoroughly and fast.

Now that it contains a touch-control keypad, it can be used also by people with visual impairment.

Having a programmable control pad makes this product enable you to prepare up to 20 recipes conveniently.

Another good thing about this heavy-duty commercial-grade microwave is that it is equipped with 6 power levels. This enables you to handle various cooking needs.

Another good feature is; It accommodates large bowls, plates, and dishes for reheating and cooking.

How To Choose A Microwave Without A Turntable

Despite the fact that you want a microwave without a turntable, you may also be wondering how to make the right choice.

What features should you consider before buying a non-plate microwave?

When making decisions on which microwave to purchase, put these two aspects in your mind;

  • Do you need a manual or digital product?
  • And how often do you want to use it?

Digital Or Manual

Unlike those with a glass plate, most microwaves without a turntable come with a manual dial timer.

However, some have digital touch control pads instead.

The manual dial timer is time-saving as it cooks faster.

It makes a good option for large groups or people in a hurry.

The manual dial timer, however, doesn’t allow any customization.

The digital touchpad contains buttons that control your microwave. It allows customization.

You can set your preferred time for cooking or defrosting.

How Often Will You Be Using It?

We’ve already seen above the biggest advantage of a microwave without a turntable is its durability.

It is expensive, especially for those not planning to use it in an office or a restaurant.

But this doesn’t mean it’s not the one for you. Its high price is worth it with respect to the good roles it plays.

It can accommodate more than one bowl at a go.

It’s also easy to clean and maintain.

This one makes the best choice if you need a microwave for commercial use, e.g., in a restaurant or office.

But if you need one for your home and are comfortable with its high price, still a microwave without a turntable is a good choice.

Why Is It Important To Buy A Microwave Without A Turntable?

If you require a microwave for commercial use, the one without a turntable will suffice.

Most users in a commercial setting may lack much time for cleaning. This type makes it easy to clean any spills, thus keeping your microwave tidy.

Lacking a turntable also saves it from breaking when in large-volume use.

Microwaves without a turntable accommodate plates with different shapes, thus easily meeting your cooking needs.

The Bottom Line

If you are planning to buy a microwave, especially for commercial use, I recommend you buy one that lacks a turntable.

It has a larger cooking volume with a more flexible interior; it’s easy to clean. Also, it ensures your food cooks evenly, and it’s durable.

Its cost is high, but it’s all worth it with respect to its features and functions.