Can You Microwave Tervis?

Tervis cups, mugs, tumblers, and water bottles are classy. Tervis is a signature drinkware hailed for its durability and standard.

Tervis cups are air-insulated hence keep your drinks temperate (hot remains hot, and cold remains cold) for close to 8 hours.

The drinkware is safe for freezer and dishwashing, but can you microwave Tervis?

Here is a detailed write-up that will clear your doubts and teach you how to do it.

Can You Microwave Tervis?

Yes. You can microwave Tervis for 30 seconds without a microwave warning or a decorative metal element.

Tervis mugs and tumblers are made of a durable, new-generation BPA polymer hence safe for microwave use.

Conversion of Tervis tumblers from the old generation to the new generation started in 2009 and was completed in 2011; therefore, if your mug is older than 2011, it could contain BPA.

BPA is a chemical compound linked with human cancer. It also causes hypertension among adults and delays brain development in children.

However, Tervis mugs with decorations contain metal particles hence unsafe for microwaving. Manufacturers often put microwave warning symbols at the bottom or on the sides of such mugs.

Fill the Tervis cup with a liquid, remove the lid, and microwave for 30 seconds. Half-filled Tervis safe will render the logo damaged after microwaving.

Reviewing the manufacturer’s instructions before rushing to microwave a Tervis mug is imperative.

Tervis drinkware has a ‘made for life guarantee’ warranty should it crack, form a film or suffer logo failure after heating.

Safety Tips for Microwaving Tervis

You must observe the following safety precautions when microwaving tervis:

  • Check the Tervis box or user-guide manual to confirm no microwave warning. Never assume that all Tervis are microwave safe.
  • If the Tervis mug has a microwave warning, use an alternative method to reheat your content and transfer it back to the mug to keep it hot.
  • Ensure the Tervis ware is purely plastic-free from the slightest metal elements. Be wary if it contains any decorations because they are metallic.
  • Remove the lids to reduce pressure build-up, which could distort the structural integrity of the cup.
  • Some lids on Tervis mugs contain a metal lining that might cause microwave sparks.
  • Tervis mugs filled to the marked level are best for microwaving.
  • Strictly heat Tervis drinkware for 30 seconds because exceeding the heating time raises the microwave heat, which can cause the tumbler to melt or warp.
  • Microwaving tips vary depending on the design of the Tervis drinkware; hence, follow the manufacturer’s guide for best microwaving instructions.

What Happens If You Microwave Tervis?

Microwave ovens heat food by the action of the electromagnetic microwaves they release.

Food has water molecules that vibrate upon absorbing the microwaves and move rapidly, colliding against each other and thus heating up.

Note that Tervis does not absorb the microwaves but allow them to penetrate and reach food molecules in the cup.

Tervis is made of a durable polymer (plastic) that is heat resistant and can’t melt when microwaved.

Plastics, even Tervis, are poor conductors of heat and rarely get hot; hence safe for microwave use.

How Long Should You Microwave Tervis?

The manufacturer recommends that you microwave Tervis for 30 seconds.

Microwaving time may, however, vary depending on the type of drink you are reheating or how hot you want your food.

Extending microwaving time beyond 0 seconds increases the microwave temperature, which is unsafe for Tervis as plastics tend to melt in high heat.

However, Tervis is a strong plastic with a high melting point hence does not melt or warp easily.


Can You Use Tervis For Hot Coffee?

Tervis mugs are best for handling coffee since they are made of durable plastic, which doesn’t warp when filled with hot content.

Tervis mugs are also air-insulated, thus will keep the hot coffee hot. Its double walls provide insulation to maintain a drink’s initial temperature.

Plastics are poor conductors of heat; hence Tervis will keep your hands safe even with hot coffee.

New generation Tervis is BPA-free and cant melt to leach harmful compounds into your coffee.

Tervis mugs have a fitting lid with a metallic lining that aids in keeping the hot coffee hot.

What Is So Special About Tervis Tumblers?

Here are the reasons why Tervis tumblers have gained glory in the market:

  • Tervis tumblers are durable hence don’t break easily, even when mishandled. They contain a double-layer wall.
  • Tervis drinkware is multi-purpose; they are microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe.
  • The cups are compatible with most dish racks.
  • Tervis tumblers maintain the temperature of the food (hot food hot and cold food cold).
  • They are made of high-quality plastic, free from chemical compounds, and safe for hot drinks.

Can Tervis Handle Boiling Water?

Yes. Tervis can handle boiling water without warping or melting.

Warping destroys the container causing the liquids to spill while melting leaches chemical toxins into drinking water.               

Tervis drinkware has a high melting point which not even boiling water (100℃) can attain.

Tervis is designed uniquely to accommodate hot and cold drinks without altering their temperature for up to hours.

Tervis cups are double-walled, which makes them safe for handling. Besides, the double walls reinforce the strength of the durable polymer.

How Long Does Tervis Tumbler Keep Coffee Hot?

Tervis tumblers have an air-insulated wall that keeps hot and cold products cold.

They can keep hot coffee sizzling for up to 8 hours and ice-cold coffee for 24 hours.

Plastic is also a poor conductor of heat that doesn’t allow heat to flow through it.

Their air-tight metal-lined lids help preserve the temperature of the drink.

Tervis drinkware is heat resistant, and its anti-breakage properties make it ideal for handling hot beverages.

Why Do Tervis Cups Get Cloudy?

The chemical reaction between the sun and the plastic causes a certain fog-like stain on Tervis’s drinkware (Tervis haze), making the cups cloudy.

It looks like someone helped the tumbler with hands that used sunscreen.

Here are two simple alternatives to clear Tervis haze:

  • Make a paste using baking soda and water, then rub it vigorously on the affected parts.
  • In a basin, mix water, vinegar, and dishwashing detergent. Soak the cloudy bottle in the mixture for an hour, then rinse in enough water. Place them on a rack to dry.

Final Thoughts

Most Tervis drinkware is microwave-safe unless they have a microwave warning.

Decorated tervis mugs are unsafe for microwave use since they contain metal elements that spark; such drinkware are labeled microwave-unsafe.

Tervis tumblers are unique because they maintain a beverage temperature without the slightest alterations.

They are durable and heat resistant to withstand high microwave heat without warping or melting.

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